Is electric log splitter worth the investment?

Electric log splitters have just appeared on the market, and there are a lot of questions associated with them. I own one myself, so people obviously have asked me some questions as well, and I try to answer every question I get, but it gets a little exhausting. So I decided to write one complete post about best electric log splitter and how well it works.

Electric log splitters are mostly compared to their gas powered counterparts. There is a lot of discussion, both online and offline, on which one is better and why. In my opinion though, it depends on what priorities you have. If you value efficiency and seamless working process, then I’d have to go for electric log splitters. And this is going to anger a lot of fans, but I have to say that gas powered log splitters have a lot of issues that make them unattractive to me. For once, the problem with gas powered tools is that they have problem getting started. And it seems to be true for most gas powered tools. You buy a tool, it starts perfectly for the few months, and then the nightmare begins. I just want to avoid going through all that all over again. Instead, I opted for electric log splitter, and haven’t regretted ever since.

In terms of cost, both are priced at about the same level. There are few other options, like manual log splitters and splitting mauls or axes. Buying any of these can be a good idea in the right situation, it just depends on what you need. If you’re going to be occasionally splitting the logs, I think manual log splitters and axes are better, because they cost only fraction of powered log splitters and they will quickly split few logs of wood. Now if you are splitting wood very frequently in high amounts, you should definitely go for electric log splitter. Yes, you are paying about hundred dollars more, but imagine it more as an investment in your safety and time more than in the tool itself. Calculate how much time per week or month you’d be spending splitting the wood manually, and then by using some mathematics, find out how much time automated log splitter is saving you. If that time is worth more than the extra cost you have to pay, which it is for me and most people I know, then go for it and buy electric log splitter. But if it’s not, good splitting mauls are pretty nifty and swinging them can be a good exercise as well.

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